Court Service Partnership

NNPS has partnered with the Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court Judges and the Community Services Board (CSB) in a common goal to provide services to students that are accepted into the Juvenile Drug Treatment Court program.

Drug Courts are comprised of judges and a dedicated team of probation officers, attorneys, school officials, and juvenile services staff and uses a non –traditional approach in a non-adversarial courtroom atmosphere toward a common goal to break the cycle of drug abuse and criminal behavior among juveniles. Drug Courts empower non-violent juveniles and families to support a positive lifestyle by providing strength-based, intensive intervention and rehabilitation services.

The Juvenile Drug Court Program has been developed to help achieve abstinence from alcohol and drugs.  The program is designed to promote self-sufficiency and to return participants to the community as productive and responsible citizen. The five goals of the program are to:

  • Promote public safety by reducing substance abuse and delinquent activity among participants.
  • Address the family's social and economic needs by identifying the needs and strengths of the juvenile and family and meeting them with the appropriate services.
  • Improve juvenile's school performance and attendance.
  • Strengthen the families of participants by improving the capacity of families to promote structure and guidance to their children.
  • Reduce reliance on detention by improving juvenile's level of functioning, by providing juvenile with skills that will aid them in leading substance-free and crime-free lives.

Participants who have successfully achieved their individual program goals, including educational and vocational, who have remained drug-free continuously for a minimum of six months, who have satisfactorily completed all phases of the Juvenile Drug Court and have participated for a minimum of eight months are eligible for graduation. If eligible, the criminal charge that got the participants referred to Drug Court will be dismissed and expunged from the Juveniles criminal record by the presiding Drug Court Judge. 

Eligibility Criteria: Participation in Juvenile Drug Court will be available to persons who:

  • Are 13-17 years of age;
  • Male or female;
  • Have misdemeanor or felony charges;
  • Have no prior sex offenses and is a non-violent offender as defined by Federal Statute;
  • Have a history of substance abuse with moderate to heavy substance abuse, for which two previous intervention attempts have been unsuccessful;
  • Are able to physically participate in intervention activities.

More Information: Due Process Procedures: Required Attendance at Alternative Education Program

Questions? Contact Catherine Ferebee, Youth Development at (757) 591-4656.