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Dropout Prevention: It's never too late to graduate!

NNPS is continually working to ensure all students are graduating college, career and citizen ready. Our approach is to provide a comprehensive array of supports and services so students will graduate on time and those who left early will come back.

Online Credit Recovery: NovaNET
Online credit recovery is offered during school, after school, on weekends, and in the evening through NovaNET. Coursework can be done in our school buildings, in community centers and even at home. View other eLearning opportunities at NNPS.
Graduation Coaches
Graduation Coaches work in every high school to identify, assist, encourage, and connect students at risk of not graduating with the options and resources they need to be successful. Every student has an individualized plan to get to graduation.
GED Instruction
GED instruction and testing is offered for adults and over-aged students who lack the time to pursue a standard diploma and for adults in the community who never had an opportunity to finish their high school education. The division offers classes in four locations. Learn more about Adult & Continuing Education.
Non-Traditional High School
Point Option Non-Traditional High School offers high engagement courses coupled with credit recovery in a smaller and highly supportive environment.
Evening School
Our evening high school option offers credit recovery online with support from a core teaching staff for students with significant barriers to attendance during regular school hours and young adults who left school and are coming back to earn a standard diploma.