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STAND Out as a Leader

Youth Leadership


Bridget Adams, Supervisor, Youth Development
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We believe that students are invaluable resources who are capable leading in our schools and the community. Youth leadership opportunities are designed to build college, career, and citizen-readiness in all students. Newport News Public Schools encourages students to design and lead clubs, projects, and activities which not only provide an opportunity for self-development, but which also promote a positive school culture and discourage harassing behaviors.

I.C.A.R.E. Investigation, Construction, Action, Reflection, ExhibitionIn elementary school, NNPS students develop an AWARENESS of Youth Development practices which are embedded in the I.C.A.R.E. curriculum and classroom practice. Students also lead in other positions, such as student ambassadors, Safety Patrol, and Student Council Association members.

Heritage High School Athletes in Action meet with their mentees at Marshall Early Childhood Center.Middle and high school students have dozens of opportunities to lead in their schools, daily. Whether serving as an anchor on their school's morning broadcast, serving as a club officer, inspiring as an athletic team captain, or serving in the community, NNPS students learn important skills, such as critical thinking, relationship building, and team work.

The Big Give Back connects Newport News Public Schools high school students with opportunities to volunteer in the community and across the school division.

City-Wide Student Government is the division level high school student government organization which aims to increase student involvement and leadership opportunities to promote school spirit and positive school culture, as well as, discourage harassment among peers.

City-Wide Student Government Elementary Winter FestivalPrincipal's Advisory Group members serve as the voice of their peers in regular meetings with school administrators.

Project Inclusion teams in each high school implement action plans to ensure that their schools are inclusive and a place in which all student feel that they belong.

Superintendent's Advisory Group on Education (SAGE) members meet regularly with the Superintendent to review and address issues of importance across the school division, including academics, student life, planning and policies.