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Newport News Public Schools

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Instructional STEM: Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics

STEM calendar

The vision of the Newport News Public Schools STEM Curriculum and Development Department is to prepare all students to be college, career, and citizen ready.

To fulfill this vision, Newport News Public Schools has implemented an aggressive STEM education initiative. The primary purpose of the STEM education initiative is to prepare students to take full advantage of STEM opportunities in higher education and pursue STEM careers.

STEM in Action

iSTEM Implementation Review
Over the summer, select teachers who volunteered to develop their STEM expertise completed their second iSTEM Innovation Institute course. These teachers put their iSTEM education into practice under the guidance of Tami Byron, EIR/STEM Specialist. At Magruder Elementary, Erin Mcoyís kindergarten class worked to solve a real-world problem related to the construction of the new school happening right outside their classroom window. Cathy Pape's first grade class at Hilton Elementary used GPS technology and engineering design to guide her students on a trip through time in a study about the past, present, and future. Stacy Wilsonís fifth grade students at B.C. Charles Elementary learned how structural engineers combat earthquakes by applying their knowledge of natural disasters, plate tectonics, measurement, and geometry to build safe structures. During each activity and in all grades, students applied their CCC skills to solve real-world problems aligned with the current curriculum and state standards. These cross-curricular experiences provide students with relevance for learning.

The mission of the Newport News Public Schools STEM Curriculum and Development Department is to breakdown the barriers between science, technology, engineering, and mathematics and provide students with the foundations needed to be competitive in the 21st-century.

To achieve our mission, Newport News Public Schools has implemented the Instructional STEM (iSTEM) program. iSTEM embodies our belief that STEM in itself is not a curriculum, but rather a way of organizing and delivering instruction. iSTEM supports the intentional application and purposeful integration of authentic literacy experiences and two or more STEM disciplines, which results in students identifying and solving real world problems.

Smart is something you become

STEM Highlights

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Students in Newport News Public Schools are uniquely positioned to take full advantage of the high concentration of STEM-related careers in this region. To prepare all students for STEM opportunities in higher education and the workforce, Newport News Public Schools has established a strong Career Pathways program, STEM magnet schools, and district wide implementation of iSTEM opportunities.

During the 2014-2015 school year, a new elementary integrated STEM curriculum is being developed. In addition, students can select from nine STEM-focused schools and numerous STEM education programs. Through the recent modernization of school science labs, summer STEM camps, and specialized curriculum programs, NNPS is building a comprehensive STEM culture in our school division and community.

Community Support of iSTEM

Businesses and the civic community are strong supporters and partners of the Newport News iSTEM initiative. More than 15 major partners came together to support the development of both the Governorís Health Sciences Academy and the Governorís STEM Academy. Partnership between the community and school system have introduced resources and expertise to our schools that are essential to providing a relevant, hands-on experience for our students.

NNPS Educators: Are you looking to infuse STEM into your classroom? Do you need materials, community support, or assistance? Submit a request here!

Community Partners: Do you have a question about STEM or ways to help support STEM initiatives? Please share your contact information.

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