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NNPS Best Overall Cafeteria Award Honorees Recognized

(11/5/2015) - The cafeteria teams at McIntosh Elementary, An Achievable Dream Middle and High, Denbigh Early Childhood Center and Hines Middle were recognized in the NNPS Best Overall Cafeteria Awards program.

The school district's Child Nutrition Services Department launched the first "Best Overall Cafeteria" awards program four years ago. Cafeteria managers apply for recognition in the awards program at the beginning of the year; and each cafeteria and its staff is evaluated throughout the school year. The cafeteria staff is assessed on their promotions, cleanliness, health report scores, leadership, menus, and other criteria which are scored by a review team. The winning cafeteria teams were recognized during the October 2015 School Board meeting.

For the 2014-2015 school year, McIntosh Elementary School's cafeteria staff won the early childhood/elementary division award of excellence for the best cafeteria - for the second year in a row. The McIntosh staff includes: Manager Carolyn Clark, Yolanda Eaddy, Travis Hill, Alice Holley, Tyrone Robinson, Haydee Texidor and Pam Wallace.

The staff at An Achievable Dream Middle and High School earned the Best Cafeteria Award in the secondary division: Manager Marion Commodore, Diane Kapustka, Yolanda Kelley, Gwen Langhorne, Susana Rankin, and Corliss White. They earned the second place award last year.

The team at Denbigh Early Childhood Center School year earned an award of merit for the ECC/elementary division, also for the second year in a row. The DECC cafeteria staff are: Manager Grace Cucurullo, Derrick Banks, Gloria Figueroa, Veronika Jones, Joanie McCrae, Jean Meekins, Octavia Merrick and Lynne Sellers.

In the secondary division, the Hines Middle School Cafeteria team - also former honorees, actually four year honorees - earned the award of merit: Manager Sharon Miller, Richard Autry, Ivy Baldwin, Connie Blizzard, Michelle Ellison, Jeanette Jones, Robin McDaniel, Tina Mock, Jackie Stith and Rudy Withers.

McIntosh Cafeteria Team
McIntosh Elementary Cafeteria Staff: From left, Haydee Texidor, Pam Wallace, Cafeteria
Manager Carolyn Clark, Tyrone Robinson, Travis Hill, Yolanda Eaddy and Alice Holley.

Achievable Dream Middle & High Cafeteria Team
An Achievable Dream Middle & High Cafeteria Staff: From left, Yolanda Kelley, Diane Kapustka,
Gwen Langhorne, Cafeteria Manager Marion Commodore and Corliss White.

Denbigh ECC Cafeteria Team
Denbigh Early Childhood Center Cafeteria Staff: From left, Lynne Sellers, Cafeteria Manager Grace
Cucurullo, Joanie McCrae, Octavia Merrick, Jean Meekins, Gloria Figueroa and Veronika Jones.

Hines Cafeteria Team
Hines Middle School Cafeteria Staff:
From left, Jeanette Jones, Michelle Ellison,
Ivy Baldwin, Cafeteria Manager Sharon Miller and Rudy Withers