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Dress Code: Palmer Elementary School

Palmer has had a structured dress code. In Spring of 2004, the PTA surveyed Palmer parents. It seems that the non-mandatory aspect of the structured dress code was a real concern. Since Palmer is not a magnet school, there must be an opt-out section to the dress code.

  • Any color slacks, pants, shirts, dresses, skirts, skorts, shorts may be worn.
  • Shorts and skirts must be fingertip length or longer.
  • Tee shirts should be plain or with a small logo. Wording which interferes with the school atmosphere will not be acceptable.
  • Sleeveless blouses are acceptable but there is to be no spaghetti straps, strapless tops, tube tops or blouses that expose the stomach.
  • Jeans may be worn but they are not to be faded, frayed, or dirty.
  • Jeans, pants and shorts are to be worn at waist height. If needed a belt should be worn to make certain that clothing does not sag.
  • Sports team shirts are not to be worn as dresses.
  • Pants and shorts should not have writing across the back.
  • Tennis shoes are acceptable but they can not have flashing lights, make noises or have roller skates embedded in the soles.
  • Flip flops, sling back shoes, and high heels are not to be worn to school.
  • Hats, scarves and other head gear are to be worn outside the building only.
  • Gloves should also be considered as outdoor wear.
  • Make-up and false fingernails are not appropriate for elementary grades.

Students are requested to wear clothing that allows them to focus on learning. Clothing must promote safety, health, and acceptable standards of social conduct. The Students' Rights and Responsibilities Handbook states that "A student will maintain personal attire and grooming standards of social conduct. Student dress that disrupts the school environment will not be tolerated. Principals may make building level rules regarding student dress and attire."

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