Homebound Instruction

Homebound instruction is provided to eligible students whose medical needs (physical or emotional) prevent regular school attendance for an extended period of time.

Announcement: The Home School/Homebound office has temporarily moved to 17346 Warwick Blvd. 23603, Katherine Johnson Adult Learning Center. Please contact Octavia Brown at (757) 591-4812 x.10301 with any questions.

Homebound instruction can never duplicate a classroom learning experience. The goal of the program is to provide an instructional link with the school in order to facilitate the student's returning to the classroom as soon as possible. While a student is on homebound, it is understood that they may not participate in or attend extra-curricular activities, volunteer activities or work.

Who is eligible?

Homebound instruction is available to any student currently enrolled in Newport News Public Schools. The homebound office determines eligibility based on medical information submitted by a licensed physician, licensed clinical psychologist or psychiatrist. A student unable to attend school due to an emotional disorder may be eligible for homebound instruction. All emotional requests must be completed and signed by the treating licensed clinical psychologist or psychiatrist. All medical requests must be completed and signed by the treating licensed physician or nurse practitioner. The parent /guardian must give permission for the homebound office to exchange information with the referring healthcare provider.

Homebound instruction is not intended to supplant school services. This short-term service is provided for a maximum of nine calendar weeks. If it is necessary to extend homebound instruction beyond nine calendar weeks, a "transition plan" is required. This form is to be completed and signed by the treating licensed physician for medical requests or completed and signed by the treating licensed clinical psychologist or psychiatrist for emotional requests.

How do I request homebound service?

Homebound forms are available from any school's guidance office or you may pick up a form from the Gatewood Learning Center.  After the healthcare provider has completed the form, the parent/guardian must return it to the homebound services office in the Katherine Johnson Adult Learning Center located at 17346 Warwick Blvd. between the hours of 7:45 a.m. and 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday.

What is home-based instruction?

Home-based instruction are services that are delivered for non-medical reasons in the home setting or other agreed upon setting in accordance with the student's individual education plan. In addition to the home, the library or a designated alternative site may be provided by the school division in which to deliver these services.