Special Education

Michele Mitchell, Executive Director
Student Advancement
(757) 283-7850 x.10405

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Psychological Services

School Psychologists


Denbigh Early Childhood Katie Dolak, 591-4963 x.30592
Lee Hall Early Childhood Amber Thomas, 283-7817 x.41590
Marshall Early Childhood Nancy Hunyady, 591-4917 x.54590
Watkins Early Childhood Amanda Gallimore, 591-4963 x.30590

All PEEP school psychologists are based out of Gatewood PEEP Center.

Elementary Schools

Achievable Dream Academy Scott Porush, 886-7744 x.33590
Carver Scott Porush, 886-7744 x.33590
Charles Rebecca Kohaut, 888-3200 x.31590
Deer Park Laura Gorenc, 928-6838 x.42590
Discovery Stem Academy Laura Gorenc, 928-6838 x.42590
Dutrow Anne Hearth, 886-2705 x.44590
Epes Kristina Atkins, 886-7755 x.29610
General Stanford Rebecca Kohaut, 888-3200 x.31590
Greenwood Bailey Brooks, 886-7744 x.33590
Hidenwood Hunter McEnroe, 591-4700 x.58670
Hilton Katie Dolak, 591-4963 x.30592
Jenkins Erika Daniel and Hunter McEnroe, 283-7850 x.10414
Kiln Creek Stephanie Campbell, 886-7772 x.51590
Lee Hall Amber Thomas, 283-7817 x.41590
McIntosh Anne Hearth, 886-2705 x.44590
Nelson Rebecca Kohaut, 888-3200 x.31590
Newsome Park Erika Daniell, 283-7850 x.10414
Palmer Hunter McEnroe, 881-5000 x.48590
Richneck Stephanie Campbell, 886-7772 x.51590
Riverside Caitlin McGahan, 886-7600 x.49590
Sanford Caitlin McGahan, 886-7600 x.49590
Saunders Kristina Atkins, 591-4917 x.54590
Sedgefield Angie Roberts, 591-4900 x.28590
Yates Amanda Gallimore, 591-4963 x.30590

Middle Schools

Achievable Dream Middle & High Scott Porush, 591-4744 x.63290
Crittenden Angie Roberts, 591-4900 x.28590
Dozier Anne Hearth, 886-2705 x.44590
Gildersleeve Erika Daniell, 283-7850 x.10414
Hines Angie Roberts, 591-4900 x.28590
Huntington Theresa Nickens, 247-2567 x.17590
Passage Caitlin McGahan, 886-7600 x.49590
Washington Scott Porush, 928-6860 x.26590

High Schools

Achievable Dream Middle & High Scott Porush, 591-4744 x.63290
Denbigh Kristina Atkins, 886-7755 x.29610
Heritage Theresa Nickens, 247-2567 x.17590
Menchville Stephanie Campbell, 886-7772 x.51590
Warwick Hunter McEnroe, 591-4700 x.58670
Woodside Erika Daniell, 283-7850 x.10414