Business & Education Partnerships

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Become a Business & Education partner and help shape a successful future for our students, local businesses and our entire community!

Business & Education partnerships bring organizations and their employees together with schools and educators to provide opportunities and experiences beyond the regular curriculum.

Partnerships add activities and experiences that motivate students to enjoy their time in school, raise their expectations and strive to become college, career and citizen-ready.

As a partner, your company will gain:

  • Positive exposure with students, school staff, parents and the community
  • A well-prepared workforce that bolsters economic development
  • The opportunity to for your employees to develop leadership skills
  • The personal satisfaction of helping students prepare for better futures

Business & Education Partnerships help students with:

  • Motivation to achieve
  • Improved academic performance
  • Opportunities that promote college, career and citizen readiness
  • Expanded career awareness
  • Real-world application of skills
  • Role models to emulate
  • Confidence in their ability to create a successful future

A few ways businesses can partner with schools:

  • Volunteer at Career Day
  • Be a science fair judge
  • Sponsor a team to a regional, state or national competition
  • Offer an internship
  • Provide a mini grant
  • Be a tutor/mentor
  • Set up a scholarship
  • Donate prizes & gifts
  • Hold a fund-raiser
  • Volunteer with a club
  • Sponsor a field trip
  • Provide real-world projects for students to solve

For more information call the Business & Education office at (757) 591-4936.