Visual Arts

The visual arts provide unique insights into the nature and history of mankind.

Through the arts we are able to see both the individual and universal characteristics of human beings across cultural and historical epochs.

Given the range and power of communication available through the visual arts, we believe that a comprehensive, sequential art education program will provide students in the Newport News School System with the following:

  • Opportunities to develop an appreciation of the arts as a record of mankind's historical and cultural development.

  • Opportunities to develop and nurture creative thinking skills.

  • Opportunities to develop self-esteem and independence through the discipline and skills mastery involved in producing artwork.

  • Experiences in reasoning and thinking skills involving problem solving, use of symbolic language as well as logical and intuitive thought processes.

  • Opportunities to explore career choices in the visual arts.

  • Opportunities to explore the impact of the visual arts across academic disciplines.

  • Experiences in developing an awareness of the aesthetic qualities of the world around them, both natural and man-made.

  • Opportunities to develop skills and craftsmanship in a safe and orderly environment.

  • Opportunities to identify artists and artistic styles.

  • Opportunities to develop an appropriate art vocabulary.

The Visual Arts Standards of Learning are an important part of Virginia's efforts to provide challenging educational programs in the public schools. Knowledge and skills that students acquire through fine arts instruction include the ability to think critically, solve problems creatively, make informed judgments, work cooperatively within groups, appreciate different cultures, imagine, and create.

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