Elementary Science at NNPS

Elementary Science at NNPS

Elementary Science at NNPS

NNPS Elementary Science Curriculum offers a comprehensive science program based on the Virginia Standards of Learning Science standards for instruction in kindergarten through 5th grade. We advocate a hands-on investigative approach to learning science that brings in the students' natural world and experiences by using science tools and field-based opportunities. We use the phrase "ABC" or "Activity Before Content" to amplify scientific curiosity, deeper connections and understanding of concepts, and putting students in charge of their own learning. The 5E model (Engage, Explore, Explain, Elaborate, and Evaluate) is a time-tested and research-based method for instruction that provokes student-led inquiry, high engagement, and the scientific and engineering thought processes.

Questions? Please call the NNPS Elementary Science Office at (757) 283-7850 x.10267.

Guiding Standards

Meet the Elementary Science Team

Joe Tobin
Instructional Supervisor
(757)283-7850 x.10267

Brittany Rolfes
Instructional Specialist

Patricia Taylor