Handwriting Instruction

Our schools use the D’Nealian handwriting program, a simple, integrated style of printing and cursive designed to ease the learning process. During the school day, students write to communicate for a variety of purposes. So that student writing is legible, students are taught the correct formation of the letters of the alphabet. The letters in the child’s name become a starting place for instruction in early handwriting in pre-school and kindergarten.

Formal handwriting instruction begins during the second semester of kindergarten. During this time, students are introduced to the correct formation of each letter and have daily opportunities to practice writing the letters. First grade students continue with handwriting instruction beginning in September to review and refine manuscript (print) handwriting skills.

Beginning in the second semester of second grade, students are introduced to cursive writing. They receive formal instruction on how cursive letters are formed. Students have many opportunities to practice correct cursive writing.

Students in grades third, fourth, and fifth grade are expected to continue the use of D’Nealian handwriting so that written work is neat and legible. Most of the work students complete in these grades will be completed in cursive.

Most students are excited to learn handwriting skills and enjoy practicing correct letter formation. Parents are encouraged to help at home by providing a variety of writing experiences for so that students can practice what has been introduced at school. Writing a letter to friends and family, thank you notes for gifts, a shopping list, or a telephone message are opportunities for parents to show students why we write and how letters are made so that the writer’s message is easily communicated to the intended audience.

Download the Handwriting Practice Book. A copy is also included in the elementary school agenda book.