Model Teachers at NNPS

Model Teachers:
English as a Second Language

Meet this model teacher team and learn how college, career and citizen-ready skills come alive in their classrooms!

Danielle DeBisschop

Content: ESL
School: Sedgefield & Saunders Elementary Schools
Years Taught: 9

Why are you passionate about supporting fellow teachers?
Teachers are lifelong learners. I think it is important to learn from one another, collaborate, and continue to explore effective instruction.

What do you love most about teaching?
What I love most about teaching is the daily interactions I have with my students. They are bright, hardworking, and hilarious. They are the reason I enjoy coming to work every day.

Tracy Skinner

Content: ESL
School: McIntosh Elementary
Years Taught: 22

Why are you passionate about supporting fellow teachers?
As a former general educator in grades 1-3 for 17 years, I know how challenging being a classroom teacher can be. Sometimes getting the opportunity to see how someone else utilizes manipulatives, enforces classroom management, or phrases content language can be very helpful. We need teachers to enjoy their jobs and feel accomplished, so, if I can provide support or advice to make their job a little easier, it makes me feel even better! 

Why do you love working in NNPS?
NNPS is the only division in the seven cities, that I am aware of, that provides a Newcomer program for immigrants and refugees. Yes, other school divisions have ESL programs that collaborate and support ELL students, but not a sheltered instructional opportunity to learn English vocabulary where they will feel more comfortable in a general education setting.