Model Teachers at NNPS

Model Teachers: 3rd Grade

Meet this model teacher team and learn how college, career and citizen-ready skills come alive in their classrooms!

Emily Voss

Grade: 3rd Grade
School: Carver Elementary
Years Taught: 8

What do you most love about teaching?
I love the relationships that get created and that uncontrollable burst of excitement when the student finally has their "ah-ha" moment! I love being part of the process of learning and getting, even when it can be a challenge (especially with those feisty regrouping numbers). Through these struggles, as a teacher, you get to help mold the heart to smile when there are errors, because they will only be temporary and success is close by! I love teaching because I have the opportunity to transform the idea of failure as a new and welcomed challenge.

What makes NNPS a great school division?
I love how NNPS actively supports their teachers! While teaching can be quite intimidating, even for an experienced teacher, NNPS does a marvelous job providing support. They have implemented in-classroom support with teacher coaches, professional developments to dig into curriculum to better understand the end goal, and numerous collaborative round table opportunities to share, reflect, and goal set on completed materials. NNPS earnestly seeks teacher reflection to help make change and to keep teaching effective. The classroom is always changing, and teachers can easily get overwhelmed by new materials or distracted reading a new study. I truly love and appreciate how NNPS recognizes this and strives to bring support and return time. They provide teachers with developed lessons and activities, best practices of integrated strategies and technology, dynamic hands-on learning experiences, and, best of all, an excellent pathway for instruction to ensure learning for all students.

What two words best describe you as a teacher? Why?
Conscientious and enthusiastic! I want my students to enjoy being in our classroom, feel safe, and feel as if it is their home. I spend time creating classroom norms, working on communication, and building relationships. This looks different for each student; some students like to be heard, others like to be seen, and some just like to have a new pencil eraser! Once you truly know who your students are and they know you respect them too, then the learning can become more active and creative!