Professional Growth & Innovation

We will grow the natural talents and skills of our NNPS employees to ensure that all learners find success.

Angela Rhett, Director of Professional Growth & Innovation, (757) 283-7850

University of Employee Development

The University of Employee Development (U-Ed) helps employees navigate the vast array of in-house professional development opportunities in a way that makes sense to the individual. Professional learning catalogs are published each semester to highlight the wide variety of division-level development opportunities that exist. Click here to browse through current offerings. Participants must register for courses using the embedded PLMS links.

University of Employee Development

Continuous Improvement

NNPS is committed to elevating the knowledge, skill, and experience levels of all employees.

We provide support for employees who wish to further their education or obtain additional certifications and help to promote instructional excellence through mechanisms such as National Board certification.

Smart is something you become.

New Teacher Support

NNPS provides a variety of supports for new teachers. All first year teachers participate in a year-long mentoring program with an optional second year.

At the elementary level, teachers are also paired with a teacher coach to further personalize the learning experience. Additional specialized learning opportunities are available through the New Teacher Academy, which is offered through our division-level professional development program.

Finally, our team of model teachers is prepared to support and assist new teachers throughout the school year.

Model Teachers

IGNITE Summer Learning Academy

Teachers across the division are IGNITING their passion for teaching through our summer learning event, IGNITE.

Nearly 50 courses are being offered this summer in a virtual format. Browse the course catalog in Frontline to access and register for courses.

Browse the IGNITE catalog, then register for classes.

IGNITE Summer Learning Academy

Instructional Coaching

NNPS provides direct, job-embedded support for teachers to further develop their professional expertise. Instructional coaching opportunities are available to teachers at all levels and across many disciplines, including English and language arts, mathematics, science, social studies and technology.

At the elementary level, our team of teacher coaches works across content areas to support new teachers and those who are new to a grade level. Coaching work is customized and driven by the learner to provide a meaningful experience that impacts performance and sustains improvement.

Our coaches and specialists are experts in their fields and are passionate about supporting colleagues. By developing strong relationships and using a research-based approach, NNPS teachers and coaches collaborate to learn together.

Professional Learning in Action

We are serious about building the expertise of our employees. With specific goals and an intentional plan to reach those goals, we are working together strategically to get smarter. Learn about some recent professional learning opportunities offered for and by NNPS educators.

Learning and Leading Academy

NNPS offered a summer learning initiative for educators across the division. The Learning and Leading Academy featured over 90 course offerings throughout the summer months.

More than 1,000 new and veteran teachers voluntarily participated in face-to-face, online, and blended classes to build expertise around key focus areas. Courses were organized to support five division initiatives: Teaching & Learning, Intervention & Advancement, STEM Quest, Technology Tools, and Youth Development.

Learning and Leading Academy

iSTEM Innovation Institute

NNPS is committed to developing STEM expertise. A group of teachers are participating in a STEM graduate program in collaboration with NIA and McDaniel College to explore the practical applications of this instructional pedagogy. Learning cohorts have been formed across the division to extend this unique opportunity to more teachers beyond the graduate cohort.

The institute has been a huge success with nearly 50 teachers participating from 15 different schools. Plans are underway to expand the iSTEM Innovation Institute across grades and levels.

iSTEM Innovation Institute