Written Curriculum

OUR MISSION: The experiences in our schools will prepare students for their roles as a learner, a future employee, and a contributing citizen in an ever-changing and global society.

College, Career & Citizen-Ready

The 21st century is changing our way of life more rapidly than we can comprehend. We have entered a new information age that challenges educators to develop a new process for learning. NNPS provides a curriculum that builds the skills, knowledge and expertise students need to be college, career & citizen ready.

College, Career and Citizen Ready Skills are developed around three themes: Information & Communication Skills, Learning & Thinking Skills, and Life & Career Skills.

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Understanding by Design

Understanding by Design serves as the framework for our curriculum. Defining what essential skills and knowledge students need to know to be college, career, and citizen ready is an important first step.

Combining state Standards of Learning and our College, Career and Citizen Ready Skills, curriculum writers focus on teaching and learning that provides students with problems and situations that mirror those found in the world at large.

Online Learning Services (OLS)

Online learning (or eLearning) is a teaching and learning approach where education takes place using computers, the Internet and other technologies. Students and adults can experience eLearning in courses they take in schools/worksites or through another form of distance delivery offering.

Students and adults experience online learning in a variety of ways including, but not limited to, virtual field trips, mathematics/literacy labs, digital textbooks, online tutorial resources, and online professional development.