Report Cards Will Be Available In ParentVUE

Posted: November 9, 2020

Students and teachers finished the first quarter of the 2020-2021 school year on November 2. Report cards for the first marking period will be available in ParentVUE on November 11.

To access ParentVUE, use the app or visit and click on "I am a Parent," enter your user name and password, and click "Report Card" on the menu on the left side of the screen. For step-by-step instructions on accessing and viewing report cards, click here (en espanol).

Report cards will reflect each student's grades for the first marking period for subjects assessed during the marking period.

Parents and guardians who wish to receive a printed report card should contact their school office and request a printed copy.

Questions about grades should be directed to your child's teacher(s).

Special Note for Elementary School Parents and Guardians
To provide more dedicated instructional time for reading and math during the first marking period of the school year, science, social studies and writing instruction was postponed, as a result, elementary school students were not assessed for science, social studies or writing. This will be reflected on the report card with a "NA" or not assessed. Instruction in science, social studies and writing has resumed this quarter. Elementary school students will be assessed in these content areas during this second quarter.

In addition, elementary school students were not required to attend resource classes (PE/health, music and art) during the first marking period. Elementary school students who participated in resource classes will receive a "S" for "Satisfactory, does/participates consistently" or a "P" for "Making progress, and needs practice to improve" as their grade on the report card. Students who did not participate in resource classes will receive a "NA" or not assessed in these classes on their report card.