Woodside High School offers engineering course through new partnership

Posted: August 12, 2021

Woodside High School is the newest partner with Engineering 4 US All (E4USA). Beginning this fall, the school will collaborate with Hampton University to offer the organization's design-based introductory engineering course to its students.

E4USA is a national pilot program for high school engineering, with a goal of introducing engineering design principles to all schools, teachers and students, regardless of their technical background or preparation.

Participating E4USA schools partner with a nearby university and students in the program can earn college credit.

E4USA emphasizes diversity and inclusion, encouraging female and minority students to participate and consider further study and careers in engineering.

Kirsten Manning, AP and Honors Physics teacher at Woodside, will teach the course, which will be called Science and Technology in Communications.

Ms. Manning says, "The goal of the course is to develop students' awareness of engineering in everyday life, the diversity of engineers, and how engineering is embedded in society."