NNPS launches new Capital Improvement and Facilities Master Plan Dashboard

Posted: December 8, 2022

Newport News Public Schools has launched a Capital Improvement and Facilities Master Plan Dashboard to increase public visibility and accountability for the school division's capital needs and facilities master plan.

The dashboard presents cost and management data for school facilities. It gives the public a one-stop location for capital data for each school (year of construction, total square footage, program capacity and student enrollment). The online tool also identifies major renovation needs, facility conditions, and deferred maintenance costs.

The dashboard tracks the school division's progress on key initiatives identified by the NNPS Facilities Master Plan Steering Committee including safety and security enhancements, the replacement of learning cottages, maintenance projects deferred due to the lack of available funding, and computer lab renovations. The dashboard gives users an in-depth, transparent look at facility needs through a variety of visualizations, including maps, charts and graphs.  

"The new dashboard is a significant milestone in our long-standing efforts to provide greater transparency and accountability around NNPS school facilities. It provides insight on maintenance needs and the funding needed to support the division's aging facilities," said Dr. George Parker, superintendent of schools.

"The development of a Facilities Master Plan and our new dashboard represents Newport News Public Schools' commitment to providing world-class educational facilities. With these resources, we can provide the public with transparent data that will enable NNPS to be accountable, improve facilities, and generate better outcomes for students and staff," stated Dr. Parker. "My commitment is to keep our community informed about our CIP goals so that we can come together as a community to fund these needs."

Families, staff and citizens can track the progress of CIP projects and multi-year goals. While all of this data has existed throughout NNPS in different formats, the dashboard represents the first time this information is publicly available in an easy-to-access format.

Click here to view the Facilities Master Plan and dashboard.