Withdrawing Your Child from NNPS

Things you can do to ensure a smooth transition:

  • Tell us when your child will be leaving as early as possible.

  • Tell us where you are going and the name of your child's new school and the city, state.

  • Call ahead to determine if your child's new school has special programs available, uses block or traditional scheduling (secondary), or is a magnet school.

  • Call to discuss withdrawal procedures with the appropriate NNPS school personnel at your child's school.

  • For all withdrawals during the current school year, the withdrawal process is completed at the school enrolled. For summer withdrawals, notify the school that your child would have attended in the fall.

  • If you wish to receive a copy of records in addition to the withdrawal document, a 48-hour notice is required in most cases. Official copies of student educational records will be SENT to the receiving school or transfer students at no cost. In addition, unofficial (hand carried) copies of student educational records can be obtained for a fee of $.25 per page.

  • For high school students, the withdrawal process can be completed at the school both during the school year and over the summer.

  • Students who request to leave early at the end of a year or semester may not be able to receive credit for courses. Please check with the school in advance.

  • When you get to the new school if you need further information or have questions, do not hesitate to call us back. Call the school attended or NNPS at (757) 591-4500.

Things we can do for you:

  • Ensure proper placement in any special programs needed by your child.

  • Arrange for alternative/accelerated methods to complete middle school or high school (especially if receiving school's schedule is determined - block or traditional). This will be facilitated through a conference.

  • Provide information for you to explain NNPS' block system at our high schools. We can help you call the new school if you need our assistance.

  • Make a follow-up call to your new school to determine other ways that NNPS can facilitate a successful transition.