How to Become a Teacher

You have decided you want to become a teacher but you didn't complete a traditional education program and aren't sure where to start. We are here to help!

Let us help you determine your initial eligibility for a Virginia Teaching License and understand the various pathways to a career in education with Newport News Public Schools.

Teaching at Newport News Public Schools

Teacher Licensure Programs

We do recommend all applicants who do not hold a full renewable teaching license from another state, and who have not completed an approved licensure program acceptable to the Virginia Department of Education, seek guidance from an approved licensure program provider. This will help you to determine the best route for licensure to meet your specific goals. Approved Licensure programs often result in less course work and provide support with licensure regulation changes.

There are many Approved Teacher Licensure Programs offered throughout the Commonwealth and online at the graduate and undergraduate level. Do your homework – make sure you enroll in a program that leads to licensure. There are some degree programs that only lead to a degree and are not approved for licensure.

View a list of Approved Educator Preparation Programs.

Your Bachelor's Degree

Do you have at least a Bachelor's degree? A Bachelor's degree in any of the following areas is accepted for a provisional teaching license:

Earth Science
Environmental Science

Technology Education
Visual Arts

If you do not have a Bachelor's degree in one of these areas but believe you may be eligible for licensure based upon completed coursework, select an endorsement area to see course requirements.

Routes to Licensure

There are many different routes to licensure; use this information to help you determine which is right for you.

  1. Reciprocity – currently hold a valid out of state license.
  2. Career Switcher Program – See section A in the linked Virginia Department of Education Regulation.
    1. To be eligible you must have at least a bachelor's degree, five years of documented work experience other than teaching in a K-12 setting, passing Praxis II scores for the endorsement area, and passing VCLA scores.
    2. View Virginia Department of Education approved Career Switcher programs.
  3. Experiential Learner Route – See section E in the linked Virginia Department of Education Regulation.
    1. To be eligible you must have at least a bachelor's degree, five years of documented work experience, passing Praxis II scores.
    2. Be a veteran with honorable discharge, have at least a bachelor's degree and passing Praxis scores.
  4. Provisional License – Undergrad degree in a Virginia endorsement area.

If you are eligible for a Virginia Teaching License, please visit our job posting website and complete an online application.  Please be sure to attach transcripts (reflecting conferral date), resume, and any other supporting documentation to the application.