Child Find

Child Find is a policy to ensure that all children and youth, ages 2-21, inclusive, residing in Newport News Public Schools district, who are suspected of or identified as having a disability and in need of special education and related services, are identified, located, evaluated, and placed in a free and appropriate educational program.

  • If you feel your preschool child needs to be tested to determine qualification for special education services, please call (757) 283-7850.
  • If you feel your school-aged child needs to be tested to determine qualification for special education services, please contact your school's administrator.
  • If you have any questions about Child Find or need any additional information, please email [email protected]

How does Child Find locate students?

The special education staff works cooperatively through Interagency Coordinating Council to ensure that services are provided appropriately to children who reside in the City of Newport News who are birth to two years of age.
Citizens of Newport News can call to Gatewood PEEP and inform the school system of a child that they suspect has a disability and the school system will follow-up with that child's family.
Children are referred by their pediatricians to Newport News Public Schools because they are suspected to need special education services.
Teachers and school personnel can also refer a child to Child Find at their local school.
Local agencies participating in child identification, location, and evaluation efforts include:

  • Exceptional Family Member Program
  • Speech and Hearing Clinic at Riverside Hospital
  • Peninsula Child Development Clinic
  • Mental Health and Mental Retardation Services Board
  • Newport News Health Department
  • Newport News Social Services Department
  • Infant Parent Education Program
  • Infant Development Program
  • Williamsburg Child Development Resources
  • Head Start
  • Juvenile Court System

Other organizations participating in location of children with a disability by providing awareness programs and distributing information brochures are:

  • Ministerial Alliance
  • Special Education Advisory Committee
  • Area Private and parochial schools

Does Child Find have a start and end time?

Child Find is an ongoing process; activities continue throughout the year, and in addition to those described, include notices posted on the website and the area TV channel.

School-based child study committees and monthly preschool screenings serve as major sources for locating children (ages 0-21) in need of special education and related services.

What do I do if I suspect or know of a child that may have a disability or is disabled?

Between the ages of 2-5: Please call one of our testing sites for a screening appointment.

  • Gatewood PEEP (757)591-4963
  • Denbigh Early PEEP Testing Site

Between the ages of 6-21: Please call the child's zoned school or the Special Education office at (757)591-4500.

Email [email protected].

More Information

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