Instructional Technology at NNPS

Digital Citizenship

Digital Citizenship

NNPS believes that developing responsible and productive Digital Citizens is an essential life skill and that it can reach its highest potential when our school, staff and the community work in partnership.

Cybersecurity Awareness Program at NNPS

Cybersecurity at NNPS - As educators we are responsible for the safety of our students and their information. The first step in accomplishing this goal is knowing how to best protect ourselves.

Student Interactive Games

Digital games for students that tackle real world dilemmas.

Common Sense Digital Passport, Grades 3-5

Common Sense Digital Compass, Grades 6-8

Common Sense Digital Passport, Grades 6-8

Common Sense Social Media Test Drive

Interland. Be Internet Awesome.

Common Sense Digital Passport, Grades 3-5