Health & Physical Education

Healthy bodies. Strong minds.

Our Vision: All students will be physically educated, having acquired motor skills to perform a variety of physical activities, physical fitness knowledge, and intrinsic motivation to pursue a healthy and active lifestyle in an increasingly changing society.

Health and Physical Education is that integral part of the curriculum that, through human movement, concentrates on the development of individuals' maximum physical potential and their related social, emotional,and intellectual growth.

The discipline's primary purpose is to assist the learner in developing:

  1. Total physical fitness and lasting desire to maintain it;
  2. Movement abilities ranging from functional life skills to those needed for successful participation in leisure activities of theirchoice;
  3. A sense of self-worth and dignity;
  4. Social competencies;
  5. Safety awareness; and
  6. An appreciation and understanding of specific sports and dances, including their origins, cultural impact and aesthetic values.

The truly physically educated student will have acquired both competencies applicable to any lifetime activities and a desire to retain the healthy feeling associated with fitness and exercise.

According to a study sponsored by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), young people can build healthy bodies and establish healthy lifestyles by including physical activity in their daily lives. However, many young people are not physically active on a regular basis, and physical activity declines dramatically during adolescence. School and community programs can help young people get active and stay active. In addition, the CDC found that young people say they like physical activity because it is fun; they do it with friends; and it helps them learn skills, stay in shape, and look better. To this end, health and physical education makes a major contribution as the primary area of the curriculum concerned with helping students develop and maintain healthy lifestyles and physical skills.