High School Credit Recovery at Newport News Public Schools

Our Mission: To support a diverse population of learners, Newport News Public Schools offers an online High School Credit Recovery solution for a variety of approved classes and schedules. Credit Recovery is required when a student fails an initial credit class and must recover in order to ultimately earn credit needed for graduation. The High School Credit Recovery solution utilizes Edgenuity to deliver online self-paced courses to students.


imagine edgenuity

Edgenuity, by Imagine Learning, is a leading provider of K–12 online curriculum and blended learning solutions. Edgenuity specializes in self-paced online courses that allow students to complete required coursework to earn high school credits for graduation. It is an VDOE Multi-Division Online Provider (MOP) with state-approved and aligned content. All content offered is video-based and translatable in 7 different languages. Courses feature learning supports and scaffolds including read-aloud, highlighting, and translation in more than 60 languages – and a robust set of customization tools makes it easy to modify courses as needed. The company also provides on-demand tutoring 7AM – 11PM Monday thru Saturday.

How is Edgenuity used for Credit Recovery?

Edgenuity Courseware material is presented to students via engaging direct-instruction videos featuring real, on-screen teachers who explain concepts, model strategies, provide examples, and make real-world connections. Students complete the lessons, units, and courses at their own pace, and can pause and rewind videos as needed to take notes and review concepts to ensure comprehension. Students are expected to complete the entirety of content/activities included in their assigned course in order to recover and earn new credit for the appropriate class. A class facilitator is allocated to monitor students' activity, troubleshoot and report issues, and bypass or allow retakes of activities in the course, as needed.

What courses are eligible for Credit Recovery?

The following Edgenuity courses are available via their respective S1/S2 (A/B) or Year-Long versions:

    • VA-Algebra Functions and Data Analysis
    • VA-Algebra I
    • VA-Algebra II
    • VA-Biology
    • VA-Chemistry
    • VA-Earth Science
    • VA-Ecology
    • VA-Economics
    • VA-English 10
    • VA-English 11
    • VA-English 12
    • VA-English 9
    • VA-Geometry
    • VA-Virginia and US Government
    • VA-Virginia and US History
    • VA-World Geography
    • VA-World History and Geography 1500 to Present
    • VA-World History and Geography to 1500

How are students enrolled?

Students must be scheduled to the appropriate "OL" term-built section within Synergy SIS in order to be provisioned to Clever > Edgenuity. Once all of these components are verified and completed, students are enrolled manually. Rostered students will login to their Clever Portal to access assigned enrollments via the "Imagine Edgenuity" application.

NOTE: Schools operating without a master schedule in Synergy SIS (i.e. Gatewood and Juvenile Detention) must be managed manually in Edgenuity and login outside of Clever via the product website.

Who can provide central support?

Beth Spivak is Program Administrator for the Credit Recovery program. Mrs. Spivak can be reached at [email protected] or (757) 928-6765 x.38831. In the Technology Department, the Online Learning Systems (OLS) team manages Clever/Edgenuity systems and provisions user access. The OLS team can be reached at [email protected].

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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