Graduation Coaches

Graduation Coaches work in every high school to identify, assist, encourage, and connect students at risk of not graduating with the options and resources they need to be successful.

Graduation Coaches assist in the successful transition of all students in Newport News Public Schools. Every student has an individualized plan to get to graduation. Coaches provide early intervention services to endangered students by:

  • Identifying seniors who have passed fewer than six (6) Standards of Learning Tests (SOL's) and are endangered through absenteeism or behavioral issues

  • Identifying freshmen (first year and overage) that need additional support during the school year and provide resources to assist them, ultimately leading to sophomore promotion

  • Developing positive, working relationships with faculty, staff, parents and community partners involved in student's success

  • Analyzing data from standardized tests to help in planning alternative courses for endangered students

  • Maintaining and supervising tutorial programs designed to assist with the passing of SOL tests

  • Consistently monitoring quarterly grade reports, attendance and behavioral issues of endangered students