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Student Involvement

We believe that it is our responsibility to develop our youth by nurturing a strong, positive, sense of who they are and what they can do. This is not only done in the classroom, but also during extracurricular activities that include clubs, organizations, athletics, and activities.
In Newport News, each school offers a variety of these opportunities, often designed and directed by students themselves, to discover and develop new talents and highlight student strengths. Our goal is that every child is connected to school beyond the classroom by continually promoting student involvement, making experiences meaningful, and offering activities that students think are interesting and relevant. Research shows that students who are involved in extra-curricular activities have better grades, attendance, and behavior!

How can students get involved?

In our NNPS high schools, the Student Activities Director works with the school's Youth Development Team to ensure that every student participates in at least one club, athletic team, organization or activity.

Lisa McAlister
Denbigh High School Patriots 

Tiffanie Smith 
Heritage High School Hurricanes

Cheryl Chappell
Menchville High School Monarchs

Jasmine Powell
Warwick High School Raiders

Brian Deprinzio
Woodside High School Wolverines

In every NNPS school, the Youth Development Lead coordinates youth development programming that is designed to promote positive school culture, student success, and student wellbeing!

Youth Development Leads

Contact your Youth Development Leader to find out more about student involvement options in each school.

What types of clubs and organizations are available?

There are several ways in which student can get involved, including academic clubs, community based activities, fitness, honor societies, language clubs, leadership, mentoring, music, service, special interests and hobbies, technology and more!

For lists of clubs and activities at each school, visit the school's website.

There are lots different clubs, sports, organizations and activities available in Newport News Public Schools! Don’t see anything that you like? Start your own!

  • Academic Clubs
  • Athletics
  • Community Based
  • Fitness
  • Honor Societies
  • Language Clubs
  • Leadership
  • Mentoring
  • Music
  • Service
  • Special Interest/Hobby
  • Technology
  • Theater and Arts