Family and Community Engagement (FACE)

Family Programs & Experiences

Family Forums and Advisory Boards

Every year, The Family and Community Engagement Department hosts quarterly family forums. The forums provide a vehicle for school leaders and families to communicate and connect. The forums include an ESL Language Board, that allows families who speaks languages other than English an opportunity to engage with district leadership on important issues.

Districtwide Experiences

Our Districtwide Experiences are educational learning experiences for families that provide opportunities to enhance leadership skills and become stronger advocates at home, in the school, and on the district level. Families meet district leaders, participate in curriculum related activities, and build relationships with community organizations.

ESL Connections

Newport News has a diverse student population that includes students whose first language is not English. Our ESL program seeks to ensure that English Learners (ELs) have meaningful access to the core curriculum. English Learners (EL) is a crucial component in NNPS that help families transition, develop, and gain insight about how our school system operates. ELL Connections provide families with a large-scale opportunity to experience the services offered to them through Newport News Public Schools and their local community. EL Connections offers NNPS staff an opportunity to meet families and build relationships with them in a comfortable, welcoming environment.


  • EL Connections will help to grow and develop the skills and knowledge of families by providing access to resources, services and information.
  • EL Connections will help improve the relationships between ELL families and NNPS personnel by providing continuous opportunities for interaction.
  • EL Connections will provide interpreters via language line or in-person for families.
  • EL Connections will help families to understand their student's academic success through collaboration and interactions.

Outcomes: To inform, engage and empower English Learners families.

ESL Welcome Center
Watkins Early Childhood Center
21 Burns Drive
Newport News VA 23601
(757) 283-7823 Fax: (757) 597-2877
Directions (en español)

Parent Teacher Home Visit Initiative

Home visits are more than just completing a task or signing a form, they can be a platform to establish relationships and encourage a meaningful partnership with families. The Parent Teacher Home Visit initiative brings together the most influential adults in a child's life and gets them on the same page to work together for student's success. Teachers are offered in-depth training on how to provide a home visit, contemporary research, and given support from Family and Community Engagement Specialists.

Goals: To build purposeful partnerships between the classroom teacher and parent.

Outcomes: Improve attendance and behavior, increase student achievement, foster better teacher-parent communication, and promote trust and confidence.

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Community Collective

The Community Collective brings together families, staff and community members to create and implement a plan to promote high achievement within a school. This collective meets on a regular basis throughout the school year and is an opportunity for key stakeholders to have a voice in their school and community.