Communication Assessment

The Communication Matrix is an easy to use assessment instrument designed for individuals of all ages who function at the earliest stages of communication and who use any form of communication. It is a free resource for professionals and parents at

Augmentative Communication Assessment by Stacy Dymond

Some people have the misconception that students who require an augmentative communication assessment should be sent or referred to someone who has expertise in this area. While this may eventually be necessary, it should not be the first step that a student's IEP team implements. First, and foremost, assessment should begin with the IEP team. Much of the information that is needed as part of the assessment can best be gained through the team members' combined knowledge about and direct experience with the student. Read more at Augmentative Communication Assessment Protocol for Symbolic Augmentative System.

This protocol is designed to help you collect information with which you can make decisions about symbolic augmentative communication systems for the students with whom you are working. The questions are in no way comprehensive and can not anticipate all the needs and variables of all students and their communication environments. The protocol will, however, help point you toward the characteristics of a system that will work with the student you are assessing. By Gamel-McCormick & Dymond, 1994.

Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) Connecting Young Kids (YAACK)

Communication Standard Classroom Tools

  • Digital pictures
  • Objects
  • Simple voice output devices
  • Simple multi level voice output devices
  • Picture Engineered, Activity Specific Communication Sets

ATRC Interventions

  • Picture Communication Software
  • Talking Word Processing / Word Prediction
  • High End Communication Devices