Writing Resources

Available School Based - Standard Classroom Tools

  • Allow extra time to complete written work and/or assignments.
  • Allow for oral reports in place of written.
  • Use fill in the blank, short answer questions for homework/classroom assignments.
  • Provide notes of lectures in .pdf format.
  • Educate on short-hand note taking strategies.
  • Provide outlines or notes with phrases or words missing.
  • Use lists for homework, vocabulary.
  • Use graphic organizers; webbing, Venn diagram, bubble map.
  • Implement systematic note taking; i.e., Cornell notes.
  • Place letter strips on desk for quick viewing of proper letter formation.
  • Shorten written assignments.
  • Use of pencil grips or modified pencils.
  • Use of adapted paper (bolded lines, raised lines, color-coded, secure paper to desk).
  • Highlight key points of preprinted notes.
  • Use slanted surface (i.e., 3-inch binder slanted upward).
  • Text holder to hold notes on a vertical surface.
  • When copying notes, consider preferential seating toward the front of the room facing the board.
  • Project Based Learning – using SMART Notebook, Power Point or Word.
  • Portable Word Processors for typing.

Available School Based - Standard Classroom Tools

  • Word Predication software- Write-out-Loud, Co-Writer, Read & Write GOLD.
  • Use software graphic organizers, i.e.-Inspiration.
  • Allow access to a word processor for long writing assignments.
  • Dictation to a scribe.
  • Provide digital copies of notes of lectures or have a friend/buddy take notes using Carbon or NCR paper.

Online Resources

Typing Resources