Online Books

Preschool Library: Fun animation. Reads to you. Basically set up to click in one area (good for switch users).

Lil' Fingers: Cute pictures and reads to you. The buttons move around but are big so good for kids learning to mouse. Fun little potty training story too!

Literactive - Road to Reading: Literactive is a provider of online reading material for pre-school, kindergarten and grade 1 students. The program is comprised of carefully leveled guided readers, comprehensive phonic activities and a wealth of supplemental reading material which gradually develop a child's reading skills in a sequential and enjoyable manner.

Cbeebies: This is a BBC page. Good for switch users. Reads to you. Very colorful. The buttons flash to give cues as to when to click to move on. Need a screen reader. Buttons move around. Cute stories with colorful graphics. Need to join for free to access the stories and books online.

Books are Cool: Most of these need screen readers. Some have real audio files. Some animation. Cute drawings with animation. Good for switch users with buttons to continue through story staying in one place.

Clifford: They also have cute interactive Clifford books. Good for beginning mousers.

Literature Project: Some great books and classics such as Tom Sawyer and Aesop's Fables . These have a minimal cost of 1.75 each to download. Each book is in a different form ( Adobe, Microsoft Reader, etc.). Clicking on the book gives you information about it (if it is interactive, viewing options, etc.). They have a few kids e-books with cute illustrations. Need Macromedia Flash Player to listen to the books. Good for switch users with buttons that do not move from page to page. It says that these are just samples and you can purchase others but I could not find the prices anywhere on the website.

Tarheel Reader: Books written by students. High interest, low readability books. This site has cute illustrations and books for young students. Automatically advances pages but a switch user can control the stop/play button which is located in the same place on each page. Some of the stories highlight the words or groups of words as they are read to you. They have a variety for many ages and have them broken into age groups. This site also has some great videos to access various topics. There are also some very cute and fun music videos and sign-a-longs (a great relaxation song for kids). These too can be controlled easily by a switch user controlling pause/play. Also, there are some great books for parents and families regarding kids.

Tumblebooks: A subscription based, online digital library of book. The books are categorized by grade and SRA level. There are additional vocabulary, comprehension, quiz and book report activities. See school websites for user name and password.