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Educational Resources & Activities

Smart Exchange: Smart notebook activities arranged by category and grade level to be used along with the Smartboard.

CAST is a nonprofit educational organization whose mission is to expand learning opportunities for all individuals, especially those with disabilities, through the development and use of innovative, technology-based resources. CAST is a phenomenal resource for educators and includes a terrific list of EText Sources.

ePALS: Teachers and students can connect with more than 6,000 classrooms in 80+ countries.

www.4teachers.org, a carefully indexed collection of online resources made by teachers for teachers! Trackstar, QuizStar, Problem Based Learning and Web Worksheet Wizard are tools available to make technology integration easy. They include lesson plans, and tools to develop plans that incorporate relevant websites into student learning plans.

PBS Teacher Resources: Loads of teacher resources and interactive lesson plans for all grades and disciplines. Some references to PBS programs.

Pete's Power Point Station: Downloadable Powerpoints sorted into categories and interactive activities for children.

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