Adding Endorsements

Note: All forms mentioned here can be found in the Licensure Forms tab.

You can add most endorsements to your current license by passing the corresponding Praxis Exam, paying the appropriate fee, and completing an NNPS Licensure Request Form. The HR Licensure Coordinator needs to receive all required documents.

This does not apply to the following endorsements:

  • Early/primary education PreK-3
  • Elementary education PreK-6 endorsement
  • Special education endorsements
  • Reading Specialist endorsement
  • Admin & Supervision PreK-12

It also does not apply to those who hold a:

  • Technical Professional License
  • Vocational Evaluator License
  • Pupil Personnel Services License
  • School Manager License
  • Division Superintendent License

Admin & Supervision PreK-12 Requirements

Reading Specialist

Gifted Endorsement

  • College Verification
  • ROE
  • Fee
  • Transcripts reflecting 12 semester hours of graduate-level coursework in gifted education
  • Click here for more information.

Add a Degree to License (Master's, Educational Specialist, Doctorate)

  • Official Transcripts reflecting a conferred degree
  • NNPS Licensure Request Form
  • Receipt of Payment
  • Contact your HR staffing coordinator to update pay (if applicable)

Click here to view more information on endorsement requirements.